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- Season 2 Winners and Finalists -

The Season 2 Inroads Screenwriting Fellow:



Justin Moran  for his teleplay  RUST







Tres Banditos  -  Thomas Leupp


Uncorked  -  Jay Mayhoffer


Galápagos  -  Lukas Hassel


Dark Horizons  -  Carlo and Erin Carere


Traumatized  -  Kris Lippert


Sol  -  James Fox


President’s Day  -  Chris ONeill


Homestand  -  Jordan Friedberg


Extraction from Omega 5  -  Marilyn Webber


A War on Terror  -  Peter Haig









Stealing God  -  Martin Blinder


The Disconnected  -  Richard H. Moon


Steve  -  Jay Furby


Neon Sundown  -  Russ Lindway


Old Scratch  -  Tyler Moore


Bessie  -  Sheila E. Valesano


The Summer Girls  -  Christopher J. O'Bryant


True Destiny  -  Joseph Leone


Hell Followed With Him  -  Dallas Gibson


The Thief From Five Points  -  Phil Travis


Ti Amo Vespa  -  Gregory Earls


30,000 Morgans  -  K. C. Wilson


White Wolf, Black Wolf  -  Florence Nahon


The Honeybee  -  Tom Thorpe


James Dean: Crossing the Finish Line  -  Bill Brock


Desert Quarry  -  James Palmer


Loyal Americans  -  Margaret Dane, Peter Nicholson


Coastal Shelf  -  Michael Berlind


Apt. 6C  -  Christopher Kerr


Luana  -  Danielle Erlich


#LoveWins  -  Aviva Dove-Viebahn, Brittany K. Fonte


The Dirty Blonde  -  Sven James Robinson


M.A.R.S.  -  Brian Wallace


Escape from Lake City  -  R. L. Beeman


A Jungle Dark  -  Courtney Suttle


Hick  -  M.J. Moneymaker


The Egg and I  -  Nicole Stuart


Illegally Brown  -  Gabriela R Lugo


Dancing in the White Room  -  David Sabbath


An Overwhelming Sense of Nothing  -  Vincent Lazar


Perry  -  RJ Watson


Branded  -  Christian Lybrook


Songbird on the Wire   -  Vance Berk


Nerdistan  -  Alyson Mead


Summons  -  Alainna MacPherson


Mojo  -  Joanne Bellew


Children of the Dust  -  John McCarney


Glass Bottles  -  David González


The Copeland Kids  -  Cecilia Copeland


Zapp  -  Justin Hayward, James A. Allenj


Scarlet  -  CJ Barnes


Dead Shot Mary  -  Robert K. Benson


Akatewa  -  Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat, Edith Woi, Robin F. Gainey


The 49th Day  -  Craig Peters


At The Mercy of Faith  -  Samuel Taylor


Chemical Attraction  -  Alan J. Field


Where the Devil Resides  -  Travis Heermann


House of Jade  -  Tomek P. Chenczke


Wolves of Beirut  -  Kat Sparks


The Dress  -  Bill Brock


Star Quest  -  Natasha Markou, JoAnn Hess


Eddie the King  -  Philip Bryan Lombardi


Dark Matters  -  James Beeler


The Politics of Love and Dance  -  John Pisano-Thomsen


The Unimaginable Life of Flowers  -  C. Mikki Dawson


Indecent Chemistry  -  Chad Comey


Blue Comedy  -  Vincent Accettola


The Cranberry Man  -  Immanuel Mullen


The Paisley Witch Trial  -  Julia Campanelli


Fighting Johnny O'Brian  -  Terry  Lynam


The Salt War  -  John Darbonne


Untitled Lindsay Farris Project  -  Lindsay Farris


The Bliss Killer  -  LeLe Park


Uncorked  -  Jay Mayhoffer


(Dis)Honorable  - Gino DeMarco


W. Smith  -  Sophie Hexter


The Franchise  -  James Grayford


Scuppernongs  -  Lynne Ashe


Omega Point  -  James Bingham


Blood and Ash  -  Kenneth Sanabria


Poachers  -  Adam Etheridge


So Comes Love  -  Meaghan Hynes


Her Majesty's Spymistress  -  Marcus Goodwin


Sol Invictus  -  Amanda Prentiss


Queen of All  -  Nicholas Carleton


The Last Templar  -  Rick Abercrombie


Searching For Grace  -  Lawrence Whitener


The Sweet Science  -  Alec McKay


Level Up  -  Dallas Rico


Four Crows  -  Lyndal Simpson


Pot Committed  -  Jordan Sandfer


The Mountain  -  Ellen Winburn


The Rose  -  Tavyn Gentry


Apache  -  Cameron Barsanti


Nutcrackers  -  Chrissy Lessey


Where Is the Father  -  Rajko Stiglic


Kibou  -  Keith and Cassie Hayasaka


Lost Coyote  -  Gustavo Freitas


Soul to Squeeze  - Alex Arabian


The Lost Camp  -  Connor Etter, Andrew Bettencourt, Russ Martin












The Inroads Staff would like to congratulate each and every Season 2  entrant.  Many talk about writing a screenplay or pilot, a small percentage actually sit down and grind it out.


We received many wonderful entries, boiling those down to the results shown here was not an easy task.  Thanks again to all who entered, have a great summer, and keep on writing!