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- Season 1 Winners and Finalists -

The 2018 Inroads Screenwriting Fellow:



Mark Renshaw -  for his Sci-Fi Screenplay Cyborn








Assholes of Chicago  -  Jennifer Ducharme


Remotely Working  -  Bill Baber


White Trash Heroes  -  Peter Stallo


Legacy  -  Danielle Erlich


Becoming Terpsichore  -  Susan Polk


Cafe Americain "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"  -  Nicholas Julius


Circus Boy  -  Stephen Curran


Willowport  -  Jess Ansik


Bad Karma  -  Courtney Suttle


Cyborn  -  Mark Renshaw









Patient  -  M. Rowan Meyer


Restoration  -   Don Stroud & Winter Mead


The Realm "Wake Up"  -  Tanya M. Wheeler


Waiting Games  -  Jeffrey R. Field


Bass Reeves U.S Marshall  -  Sam Bass


By the Sword  -  Selene Castrovilla,  Marc & Janin Spoor


Article One  -  Jairaj Singh Walia


Inked in Blood  -  Paul Corricelli


Go Catch the Devil  -  Martin Blinder


The Chronicles of Valor, Part One:  Ripley of Valor  -  Robert B. E. Atkinson


Curiosity  -  Tasha Hardy


Out of the Dark  -  Ben Fiore


Celitic Blood  -  Richard William Masterson


The Life:  "Another Day in The Life"  -    George Perez


The Last Indian War  -  Michael Graf


Forever Waiting  -  Gavin O'Herlihy


Generation Killer  -  John Bias


Living in the Past  -  Bernhard Riedhammer


The Amusement Park  -  Sevda Caliskan


The Remnant  -  Kaitlyn Kowalski


Molly Malone  -  James Vincent


Only a Few Can See  -  Adriana Jungbluth


Girl Alone  -  Linda Barnett


Rebuild  -  Nikki Wallin


Motivational Killer  -  Ryan Smith


Abandon All Hope  -  Max Federman


The Door  -  Robert Cox


Forget Me Not  -  Roisin Kearney


Soul Mate  -  Deirdre Patterson


Never Loving David  -  Kelly Jean Karam


Utopia  -  Dimi Nakov


City of Caves, The White Tiger  -  Louise Wilding


SID, Prologue  -  Auriga Ifill


Dinner Gunversation  -  Bob Canning


Outlier  -  J. Alex Evans


First Prize  -  Carl B. Clark


A Jungle Dark  -  Courtney Suttle


Buccaneers of the Astroid Belt  -  Jeff Racho


Fire on Ice  -  Courtney Suttle


The Son of Gun  -  Matt Mendez


Screenball  -  David Power


The Tea Room  -  T. Anderson


The Last Sibling  -  Isabel Custer


The Keeper  -  Danny Wright


Hook, Line and Sinker  -  Martha Shaw


Helen on 86th Street  -  Nicole Kempskie


Shakespeare of Avon  -  James Hanson


Timeslip  -  Meredith Hill


Incomplete  -  Kenson Junicue


The Last Game  -  Phil Kaufman


Blood Trigger  -  Ron Podell


The Nearscape, The Survivors  -  Mark Renshaw


Salicious  -  Mona Fuller


1933  -  Marc Anderson


Cotton  -  Donny Rodriguez


Everywhere  -  Thomas Castiglione


Ascension  -  Carly Bush


Whatever it Takes  -  Robin Regensburg


Without  -  Christopher OBryant


The Patience of Vultures  -  Greg Sisco


Identification:  Laura Bracken  -  Charles William Lane


Let Me Ask You This  -  Allison Bowsher


The Merc  -  Christopher Swider & John Berger


Clay  -  Ash J. Louis


I Love IT  -  Ryan Smith


Poppy  -  Linda Niccol


City of Trees  -  Christian Lybrook


Gray Matter  -  Myung Joh Wesner


Hare  -  Jason Rostovsky


The Heart of a Tiger XII  -  Sreyram Kuy


A Just Cause  -  Andrea Fiest Stein


Dust  - Shane Murphy


September Sky  -  Vanita Shastry


Emancipating Maryland  -  Bridget Bell McMahon


Sculpting Secrets  -  Jennifer Katz


Little Star  -  Eamonn Murphy


Planet X "politics as Usual"  -  Robert Cole


Kyla's War  -  Hank Isaac


Lions of Florence  -  Ken White


Western Dragons  -  John T. Frederick


Spirit of the Rain  -  John Tupper


Our New Home  -  Hansa Dasgupta


The Chessmaster, the Artist, the Priest and the Gypsy  -  Robert Cole


Lilith the Vampire  -  Jose Padilha


Umuzwa  -  Gavin Sher  


Black Jack  -  Stephen Curran


My Life with Cats  -  Bear Kosik


The Rooms  -  Mark Galasso


Bread on the Water  -  Matt Semel


Lost in Laundry  -  Oren Weitz


The Schlep  -  Annie Wood


Forever and Never  -  Dante Orange


Last of the Burly Girls  -  John Pisano-Thomsen


Love Nation  -  Katherine Carter


Serpentine  -  David Tittone


Counteract  -  Tracy Lawson


Please, Gentlemen, Ask Me Who I Am  -  Cinzia Gagliardi


The Carrier  -  Jared Goodman


Dark Horizons  -  Carlo Carere


Feather Crown  -  Kate Neuer


Turn the Tables  -  Herschel Medlin  


Cigar Box Letters  -  Douglas Spaltro


Luddites  -  Leonard Nannarone


Comic Book Kings  -  Amanda Keener


Vivian's Paradox  -  Adam Lapallo


Learning To Leave  -  Richard Beck Peacock


Simple Answers  -  Travis Lemke


Red Light  -  Dempsey Tillman


The Valedictorian  -  Kathaleen Brewer













The Inroads Staff would like to congratulate each and every entrant.  Many talk about writing a screenplay or pilot, a small percentage actually sit down and grind it out.


We received many wonderful entries, boiling those down to the results shown here was not an easy task.  Thanks again to all who entered, have a great 2018, and keep on writing!